Sage Institute
In Celebrating Our Diversity, We Discover Our Oneness.

  Sage Institute

In Celebrating Our Diversity, We Discover Our Oneness.


I am in love with every church

And mosque

And temple

And any kind of shrine


Because I know it is there

That people say the different names

Of the One God.

 -Hafiz, 14th Century Persian Poet


You are my brother and I love you;

I love you

at prayer in your mosque,

at your worship in your synagogue,

at your devotions in your church;

for you and I are the sons of one religion –

the spirit.

-Kahlil Gibran

     (translated from Arabic)


v     A Place.......

v     Approachable Spirituality

v     Celebrates ALL religions and spiritual philosophies of the world

v     Resident and Guest Sages from every major spiritual tradition around the world

v     A place for celebration of all global holidays

v     Weddings

v     Ceremonies

v     Lectures

v     Classes and Seminars

v     Yoga

v     Massage and healing therapies

v     Ethnic Music & Dance

v     Museum of Spirituality: Religious Art Exhibitions

v     Library and Bookstore; CDs and DVDs of teachers and lectures

v     Touchscreen archives of major religious and spiritual works

v     Classes/Lectures on History of Religion and Spirituality

v     Spiritual Film Screenings

v     Restaurant: Organic Gourmet Health Food, local products

v     Retail Sustainable Green Products

v     12 Step Addiction Counseling

v     Therapy

v     Coaching

v     Abundance Seminars

v     Guest Speakers both on premise and via broadcast:

v     Simulcasts, Podcasts, Teleconferencing

v     Readings from the work of the great spiritual and religious writers and thinkers



Sage Institute for the Evolution of Consciousness Through Interfaith, New Thought and Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Traditions and Observances.


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